Christoph Bรถrgers

Department of Mathematics, Tufts University

On this site, I collect brief notes about various topics in mathematics of interest to me.

Much of the material is not original. Some may be. I hope that itโ€™s all well-written and interesting.

Arctangent at infinity

Binomial series

Bohr-Mollerup theorem

Borel-Cantelli lemma

Caratheodory's extension theorem

Error function

Euler's product representation of the gamma function

Euler-Mascheroni constant

Expected value

Exponential integral

Kermack-McKendrick model

Law of exponents

Lebesgue-Stieltjes measure

Multivariate Gaussian

Portmanteau theorem

Riemann-Liouville fractional anti-derivative

Shannon entropy

Smooth, compactly supported functions are dense in L1

Uniform convergence of distribution functions

Weibull distributions

Wiener process

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